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Construction of Second Well in Quissanga

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The water source of the small piped water system of Quissanga is an island reservoir with a thin layer of fresh water being surrounded by salty sea water. In order to increase the capacity of the system and at the same time reduce the risk of saltwater intrusion, a second well was constructed on Mecute Island. The construction was carried out by Agua Rural and supervised by a Fiscal (Independent Construction Supervisor) and Fontes Foundation local staff. The well is a large-diameter well (3m), about 4m deep. The first phase of the construction was completed on time, and in a second phase, horizontal filter pipes will be inserted in order to increase the capture of fresh water to a maximum.

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fontesConstruction of Second Well in Quissanga

Extension of Scholarship Programme

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After numerous requests from other villages, Fontes Foundation decided to extend the scholarship programme until now only covering Katunguru village, to the villages of Kazinga and Kisenyi. This year, one student from each of the new villages will be selected in addition to one student in Katunguru, after they go through the transparent application process. The scholarship will provide motivated and vulnerable youth with the possibility to go to secondary school, and covers all expenses in addition to school fees. Fontes Foundation is now looking for donors to sponsor the three new students. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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fontesExtension of Scholarship Programme

Construction of Classroom Building in Kikondeka, Kanungu

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Through the donation from Balder Foundation in Norway, it was possible to provide Valentine Nursery School Kikondeka, in Kanungu District, with a new classroom building. The nursery school joined the Community Based Organisation (CBO) in April 2009, and was until now teaching in a borrowed local house. The new building will have two classrooms, an office and a store, plus a latrine. Construction is supervised and managed by the Kanungu Nurseries CBO, and parents are actively contributing with labour and providing lunch for workers.

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fontesConstruction of Classroom Building in Kikondeka, Kanungu

Permanent Intake in Kashaka

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When the water supply scheme was installed in Kashaka in February 2010, a temporary intake was constructed out of timber. This was done because it was uncertain if the type of intake chosen would work well. After the intake had been in use for more than 6 months with no problems with neither wildlife nor water hyacinths, it was decided to replace it by a permanent structure made out of steel pipes. This one was installed in early September 2010. The picture shows the permanent intake being constructed, using the temporary one as a pier.

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fontesPermanent Intake in Kashaka

Water Committee Seminar in Kisenyi

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In order to motivate committee members and improve their knowledge in accounting, technical issues, reporting and management, Fontes Foundation organises a water seminar every year. This year the seminar took place from the 2nd to the 3rd of September, in the village of Kisenyi, Katunguru Sub-County. More than 50 participants from five different water projects enjoyed two days of exchanges, learning and good discussions. Local authorities and other stakeholders were also present, and it was a great opportunity to streamline approaches and solve problems.

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fontesWater Committee Seminar in Kisenyi

Quissanga – Second Phase

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After the initial installation of two temporary taps in Quissanga in 2009, the work of making the structures permanent started in November 2009 until May 2010. Permanent collection points with a water meter and four taps were constructed in four locations. In addition, the colonial water tower was rehabilitated and filled with water by a new pump installed at the reservoirs. The water from the tower will be able to supply the upper taps, as well as the houses and institutions at the district headquarters. In order to protect the generator running the pump near the reservoirs, a small house was constructed. Fontes Foundation local staff supervised the work which was carried out by “Associação Irmãos Unidos de Quissanga”, an association of local masons and bricklayers. This made it possible to ensure quality, and at the same time it created work and built important capacity in the community.

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fontesQuissanga – Second Phase

Doors and Windows for Nursery School Building in Kanungu

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With a generous contribution from Norsonic Brechbühl AG, a Swiss company, the construction of the classroom building for Aunt Lucy Nursery School Bushura in Kanungu could be continued. A first step, installing doors and windows, was already completed in April 2010, and the next activities will be the plastering of the walls and flooring of the remaining rooms. The nursery school still uses the church nearby and a temporary building to have enough classrooms for the 121 students between two and six years.

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fontesDoors and Windows for Nursery School Building in Kanungu

Fence for Tree Planting Project at Katunguru School

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In February 2010 a fence around the approximately 6000 trees was constructed. This was because they have experienced a lot of problems with buffaloes who scratch their horns against the trees and thereby destroying them. In addition the seedlings were destroyed, so it was difficult to raise new trees. The fence will not stop elephants, though, but the type of tree planted is not liked by elephants, and earlier the elephants have only come once or twice a year, and for those occasions the fence can be repaired again.

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fontesFence for Tree Planting Project at Katunguru School

Kazinga Tap Extension

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With funding from Lions Club Slemdal, Oslo, Norway two new tap stands were constructed and connected to the existing water supply scheme in Kazinga. The taps are located at the local health centre and the primary school and are intended to improve the access to safe water in the village. For the extension to be possible, the platform for the storage tanks had to be raised by 50 cm in order to provide enough pressure.

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fontesKazinga Tap Extension

Uganda Launch Party

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On the 22nd of January, Fontes Foundation Uganda was officially launched through a cocktail event at Protea Hotel, Kampala. About 80 guests attended the party, from a number of organizations and government institutions. Speeches were held by Andreas G. Koestler, the founder of the organisation, Swalleh Kabuye (LC3 Chairman of Katunguru Sub-county), Oscar Kasya, on behalf of Josephine Kasya (LC5 Kanungu District), Eng. Kavutse, acting Director of DWD, on behalf of Hon. Maria Mutagamba, Minister of Water and Environment and Sissel Idland, on behalf of Bjørg Leite, Norwegian Ambassador to Uganda. The party was a great success, with media coverage in the two major national newspapers and two local TV channels. A significant amount was collected in pledges, and funding possibilities are being followed up with a number of corporate such as telecom companies and oil companies in Uganda.

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fontesUganda Launch Party