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Uganda Launch Party

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On the 22nd of January, Fontes Foundation Uganda was officially launched through a cocktail event at Protea Hotel, Kampala. About 80 guests attended the party, from a number of organizations and government institutions. Speeches were held by Andreas G. Koestler, the founder of the organisation, Swalleh Kabuye (LC3 Chairman of Katunguru Sub-county), Oscar Kasya, on behalf of Josephine Kasya (LC5 Kanungu District), Eng. Kavutse, acting Director of DWD, on behalf of Hon. Maria Mutagamba, Minister of Water and Environment and Sissel Idland, on behalf of Bjørg Leite, Norwegian Ambassador to Uganda. The party was a great success, with media coverage in the two major national newspapers and two local TV channels. A significant amount was collected in pledges, and funding possibilities are being followed up with a number of corporate such as telecom companies and oil companies in Uganda.

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fontesUganda Launch Party

Implementation of Kashaka Safe Water Project

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After the assessment in November 2009 the water project in Kashaka was installed in January 2010. A surface water treatment plant was installed where the water which is withdrawn from Lake George, is first settled in a settlement tank, then passes through a sand filter and an activated carbon filter and then chlorinated. Two public stand posts were constructed where people can withdraw water nearby their homes.

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fontesImplementation of Kashaka Safe Water Project

Katunguru Water Project Research Assignment Completed

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In order to make use of the school holidays and increase the knowledge of the students about the water projects, they were given an assignment in November 2009 to assist in the management and operation of Katunguru water project. The students took over almost all tasks, from pumping and treating water, to water sales, to meter reading and accounting. They were given specific research questions and were asked to find the best methodology to answer it. In January 2010 they handed over a large written report where they answered all questions individually. In addition to teaching them important lessons about the technical running of a water system and the challenges with management, it helped the management of the water system and actually increased its revenues. The students were each given a mattress as an appreciation of their work.

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fontesKatunguru Water Project Research Assignment Completed

Scholarship Students Active in Kashaka Implementation

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It is important for Fontes Foundation that the scholarship students are not only advancing academically, but that they are also exposed to other lessons important for their future. Therefore, the students have been closely involved in the water projects of Fontes Foundation. Two students, Luke and Gideon, were selected to participate during the implementation of a new water project in Kashaka village. They were extremely active and helped with translation, community mobilisation, learning basic technical tasks such as plumbing, etc. They also helped the committee in the starting phase with the management of the project.

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fontesScholarship Students Active in Kashaka Implementation

Water Resources Mapping and Hydrogeological Survey in Quissanga

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In January 2010, a detailed survey was carried out in Quissanga by the two hydro geologists Andread G. Koestler and Joseph Allen. The objective of the survey was to better understand the island-aquifer currently supplying the locality of Quissanga, with over 5000 people. Availability of sustainable fresh water sources in the coastal areas of northern Mozambique is extremely limited, and this island-aquifer periodically surrounded by sea water is the only source within more than 18kms from the district centre, a small town experiencing rapid growth. Increased quantities of water would drastically improve the prospective economic development in Quissanga, especially fish conservation and ice-production. A second objective of the study was to design a technology that will be able to extract the fresh water lying on top of the salt water aquifer, such as large-diameter shallow wells with horizontal collection pipes.

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fontesWater Resources Mapping and Hydrogeological Survey in Quissanga