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Education Experts Work on Curriculum Development

by fontes on 15/10/2011 No comments

On the 10th of October, Fontes Foundation invited four education experts to a workshop. They were asked to assist in the elaboration of a curriculum for the Youth Project, starting by the end of this year. The aim was to further develop the curriculum of the Core Course which is going to be taught during eight months in the Youth Centre in Bukasa, Kampala. The workshop focused on two distinct subjects: Personal Development and Business Skills. The composition of each subject was elaborated in separate groups first and secondly discussed with all participants. During the workshop, many good inputs were pointed out which helped pushing the project an important step forward.
Additionally, the Youth Centre will provide further courses in computer skills as well as in English and Literacy Skills. The curriculum for these courses will be framed within the next few weeks with the support of another group of experts.

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fontesEducation Experts Work on Curriculum Development