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Standard Chartered CSR Event at the Potentiam Youth Centre

by fontes on 18/11/2012 No comments

Through the efforts of Rowena Musinguzi, Chairman of the Board of Fontes Foundation Uganda, Standard Chartered Bank organized a Corporate Social Responsibility event at the Potentiam Youth Development Centre. On the morning of the 3rd of November 2012, about 20 staff members from the bank came to Muyenga, and were joined by approximately 50 youths. The event, one of the biggest at Potentiam since its inauguration ceremony in May 2012, inspired everybody – bank managers, entrepreneurs, local politicians, and not least the youths, among which there were many students from the courses offered at Potentiam. During the event, the Music, Dance and Drama group performed local dances, its rhythms motivating various staff members from the bank to join in. After an initial session about living with HIV/Aids, which was facilitated by the bank, the audience listened to the life experiences of two local speakers. The first one, a local politician, told the participants how he left his home village and came to Kampala with close to nothing.
Yet through hard work, patience, truthfulness, and with a fair dose of luck, he has become a very prominent businessman, with stakes in many businesses and real estate. The second speaker, the sales and marketing manager of the Hotel International in Muyenga, explained which qualities he looks for when he hires employees.
The event was honoured by the presence of two Ugandan celebrities, a local TV personality, as well as a player of the Uganda Crances, the national football team. Cleopatra Koheirwe told the youths about the challenges she faced when she told her guardians that she wanted to become a professional dancer. After this, applauded Uganda Crane Tony Mawejje handed over football equipment donated by Standard Chartered bank to the football team of Potentiam. Everyone at Potentiam, but also the members of the Standard Chartered staff, enjoyed the event, which showed how local engagement can support the youths and guide young people into the right direction.

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