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Thank You!

by fontes on 27/08/2013 No comments

Thank you Tilman Melzer and Randolf Luttner for the exceptional work you did with the Communication Strategy during your 1 month volunteer stay with Fontes Foundation. We hope you had a rewarding and productive experience as part of the team. We are extremely appreciative of all the work you managed to accomplish in such a short time. Best of luck!

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fontesThank You!

A Visit From Ethan Musolini

by fontes on 17/08/2013 No comments

On Thursday, 16th August 2013, Ethan Musolini hold a motivational speech at the Potentiam Youth Development Centre. Ethan is successfully self-employed since 2003 as a success coach, motivational speaker, consultant and author of several books, and is well-known all over Uganda. He was speaking about positive and negative attitudes as well as how to develop self-confidence. He held a very interesting, entertaining and interactive session with the youth from the centre, and he was immediately able to connect to them and having their full concentration for the whole speech. After the session, Ethan was available for all the questions the students had and everybody left with an increased self-esteem and with a more positive attitude.

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fontesA Visit From Ethan Musolini