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Developing your Personal Brand

by Rebecca Grattage on 15/09/2017 No comments

On Wednesday 6th September, the Fontes Youth Centre welcomed Larry Holm, CEO of People Performance Group Uganda, one of the leading HR consulting companies in Uganda, to talk to the Core Course students about personal branding.

Larry got the conversation started by asking the students how much they buy “Irish” (potatoes) for. This animated the discussion and helped everyone to consider pricing, and what distinguishes one seller from another. The students discussed using lower prices to try and attract more customers, as most sellers compete on a price basis.

Larry worked with the students throughout the session to open their minds to new ideas, suggesting adding value to a product instead of lowering the price – explaining that by adding value to and branding a product you can charge a lot more money for it. Larry spoke a lot about developing one’s personal brand and being unique in order to attract customers. He described Personal Branding as something that differentiates you from others.

Core Course students listening to Larry Holm’s talk.

Many of the students at the Fontes Youth Centre aspire to start up their own businesses after completing the course, so Larry asked the students what sort of businesses they are planning on starting; their ideas varied from restaurants and eateries, producing boiled food, opening a beauty salon, creating an electronics company, and many more.

Larry spoke about the danger of worry and how it can drain you. He explained that you need energy to push yourself, so it is important to get rid of your worries. The students described their worries, including financial, sickness and employment issues. Larry suggested prioritising key worries, and then deciding when you would like to have dealt with this particular worry by. He spoke enthusiastically, helping the students realise that the more worries that they manage to eradicate, the more energy they will have for pushing and motivating themselves to be successful.

Thank you, Larry, for such an interesting discussion!

PYC Core Course students with Larry Holm after the talk.

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Rebecca GrattageDeveloping your Personal Brand

Spotlight on youth talent: Elicia

by Rebecca Grattage on 11/09/2017 No comments

Here at Fontes we always strive to incorporate the students’ skills and passions into daily Youth Centre operation; be that encouraging a budding chef to sell her homemade samosas during breaks between classes, working with an aspiring young artist to help us design and paint the Fontes Youth Centre sign post, or most recently, asking one of our Core Course students Elicia, who is a certified electrician, to use her skills to assist the Youth Centre during our rewiring and electrical installation process at the new Fontes Youth Centre site.

Before joining the Fontes Youth Centre, Elicia worked as a video librarian whilst completing her certificate in Electrical Installation. Elicia chose to leave secondary school a couple of years before the official finish date because she had always dreamed of being an electrician, and so she decided to seize the opportunity to complete the Electrical Installation course when the opportunity arose. Elicia explained that becoming an electrician was her dream even when she was still in primary school; she was inspired by groups of electricians climbing poles and working on wiring in her local area.

Elicia decided to join the Fontes Youth Centre after completing her certificate in Electrical Installation in order to acquire ICT skills, and she said that she enjoys the ICT classes at PYC most of all. She is currently a student in the Core Course, which is a 6 months full-time programme structured around Business English, Entrepreneurship, ICT and Personal Development classes. As a final exam, students present a business plan to a panel of experts, using the full spectrum of skills they acquired.

Elicia’s goal in life is to be able to build a house for her parents and to start her own business. She told Fontes Foundation that she feels happy and excited when she practices electrical installation and that she finds it easy to do. After her time at PYC, Elicia hopes to start her own electrics enterprise will the skills that she has acquired during her time at the Youth Centre.

Thank you, Elicia, for sharing your story with us!

Fontes Youth Centre Core Course student Elicia wiring the new Centre lighting.

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Rebecca GrattageSpotlight on youth talent: Elicia