Internship with Fontes Foundation

Do you want a challenging, interesting and unique experience? Do an internship with Fontes Foundation in Kampala. Spend some months in a developing country, get to work on exciting projects and do something meaningful.

Do something different. Grab the opportunity. Apply.

Jostein Rømteland - former volunteer

Why would you postpone your career to spend a few months in Uganda? Well, I’m currently sitting in the Fontes Foundation office in Kampala, the dynamic capital of Uganda, so I should be well placed to give you an insight into what it means to be an intern, and why it’s an experience I would not want to be without.

I am spending 3 months at Fontes Foundation and I am getting a chance to work on most of Fontes Foundation’s projects, which is a great opportunity in such a short time. My main focus has been following the construction of the Youth Centre that we have been building in Kampala. The work includes following up with contractors, meetings with the youth and planning the activities that take place at the Centre. A lot of work? Yes. Interesting and instructive? Yes. As an intern at Fontes Foundation you will get responsibility, a lot of responsibility.

Most of my time is spent in the office in Kampala, but I take part into regular field trips to our safe water projects in Western Uganda.  Beware of hippos, lions and elephants down there! The environment at the office is great. I work both with Europeans and Ugandans, which gives me an interesting insight into working in a foreign country and a different culture. In addition, the internship gives the chance to live in an exciting and growing African country, something that more people should be able to experience.

The internship programme is an exceptional opportunity to challenge yourself, learn a lot and do something meaningful. It is instructive, exciting and fun – I couldn’t recommend it more.


Anyone that has something to contribute and that wants to spend a few months in Uganda can apply, independently of age or field of study. Fontes Foundation wants to encourage the cooperation and understanding between north and south, so African interns are not considered in this programme.

All interns are based in our office in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

We ask our interns to stay a minimum three months, but preferably 4-6 months in order to get a good understanding of the organisation and of Uganda. An internship of less than 3 months is basically possible as well but has to be discussed on an individual basis with the Regional Coordinator.

No, the internship is on a voluntary basis so you don’t get paid. However, some of the travel costs to Uganda as well as accommodation and work related expenses are covered. You also get a small monthly allowance that helps paying some of the living expenses.

Note that in case of an internship for less than three months, Fontes Foundation is not in the position to contribute to the coverage of any costs, meaning that all costs have to be covered by the intern himself/herself.

We accept interns of all ages and backgrounds, however we advice you to apply once you have completed at least a few semesters of university or the corresponding few years of work, as you will need the experience to carry out your assignments. Most of our interns come to Uganda just before or after completing their degrees.

As an intern you get the chance to work on all of Fontes projects and you will be working both independently as well as help the Fontes staff in the implementation of a project. Some of your duties might include preparing marketing and donor relations materials, assist in collecting information in the field and preparing field reports or assist in the planning and implementation of projects at the Youth Centre.

As the official language of Uganda is English, most people you will be in touch with during your internship placement will speak English as well as one of the over 40 local languages of Uganda.

No, we receive applications on a rolling basis, in order to always have one long-term intern in Uganda.

We make sure to have one intern in Kampala at all times.

Please send  your CV and motivational letter to

Just send us an email at or Our Regional Coordinator Michael Pletscher will come back to you within a few days.

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