Capacity building Session with Swiss Contact

by fontes on 24/09/2013 No comments

Potentiam Youth Development center had their Worker’s PAS capacity building with Swiss Contact yesterday. The capacity building was a success with Joseph Esabu of Swiss Contact explaining why it is a necessary tool for the Ugandan workforce today, how it can be useful to its holder, the process of how a worker’s pass can be acquired and the respective stake holders in its successful implementation.
The Worker’s PAS is a document that explains and validates practical competences and skills acquired by its holder without necessarily having attended school. The different skills that someone has are tested and once someone is found to have the required competences they are issued the PAS.
The PAS, despite its having been in existence for only the past three years, it has gone a long way to empower different people in communities around Uganda, by giving them the ability to prove that they are employable and will do a great job despite their not having acquired their skills through formal education channels.
Joseph also shared some success stories from within Uganda and East Africa where the PAS has been an instrumental aid in giving people credibility and allowing them to compete favorably for employment opportunities.

fontesCapacity building Session with Swiss Contact