Katunguru-R Internet Café

Next Generation of ICT Education – Funding Appeal

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Established in 2013, the Acacia Internet Café was primarily intended to benefit the primary and secondary school in the local community. The strategy was to foster development by enabling access to computers and the internet as well as by providing a platform to practice the English language. Within the first eight months of operations, a large number of community members used the internet and the secretarial services offered at the café. More recently however, the café faced some challenges: Due to a lack of funds and, perhaps resulting from the low level of computer skills of its users, the computers keep breaking down. Moreover, the printing and photocopying machine has stopped working and the internet connection has been slow and sometimes ceases working at all, further deteriorating the café’s financial capacity as these represented its main revenue sources.

Box - Funding AppealBased on the experiences made, Fontes Foundation aspires to turn the café into the Acacia ICT Training Centre and Library. The internet and secretarial services offered at the internet café will still be provided. However, the main focus will be to provide ICT trainings and library facilities to local students in addition to separate trainings for the overall community. The goal is for them to improve their computer and English skills, increase their knowledge and feel inspired to explore the information the internet can offer. With this, Fontes seeks funding of NOK 63’334 to be able to commence construction in 2016. The amount will be used to initiate activities at the centre as described in the 12-month budget provided below.

Acacia ICT Training Centre and Library - Budget

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Agnes KampireNext Generation of ICT Education – Funding Appeal

Getting Connected

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Fontes Foundation opened its internet café in the Katunguru area in Southwestern Uganda.

The Fontes Foundation internet café was officially launched on 9th April 2013. The internet café is the latest project of Fontes Foundation Uganda and gives people in the Katunguru area, which is located in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Southwestern Uganda, the possibility to get connected to the world wide web. With a safe water scheme and a primary school project already established in the same village, the internet café is a great contribution to the further development of the region. Especially the primary school and its teachers can profit from this opportunity to have access to computers and the internet. The ceremony was attended by a variety of representatives from politics and the local administration, which shows that the efforts of Fontes Foundation are noticed and appreciated. The inauguration has been organised by the Katunguru-Rubirizi Primary School, with a variety of entertaining contributions by the students.

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fontesGetting Connected

Completion of the Internet Café Structure in Katunguru

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Fontes Foundation started the construction of the Internet café and a latrine in January 2012. The project will provide the village with desperately needed access to the Internet and other secretarial services such as printing and typing. Currently, people have to travel more than 10 km for this. The café will also serve as a stop-over place for tourists and travelers, where people can rest in the forest and have a drink as they access the Internet. Potential customers are travelers, tourists, Uganda Wildlife Authority staff (the headquarters of UWA are only 1 km away), the primary school, Fontes Foundation staff and local residents.The café is located on primary school land only about 70 m from the main road, and marketing with signposts and banners is planned to attract customers. If funding allows, Fontes Foundation also plans to organize short courses in computer skills for local residents and children from the primary school in future.

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fontesCompletion of the Internet Café Structure in Katunguru