Kanungu Nursery Schools

New Semester for Kindergartens

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On February 4th the Kindergartens in Kanungu (Mama Barbara’s Kindergarten and Bushura Kindergarten) re-opened after the Christmas holidays. In Uganda the school year begins in January, and a total of 61 new children were admitted in both nurseries for Nursery Class 1.

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fontesNew Semester for Kindergartens

Gifts Handed Over to Kindergarten

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Fontes visited the Kindergarten projects in March 2007 looking after the progress of the construction of a second kindergarten called Bushura Nursery School. During that visit, we handed over gifts, toys and learning equipment, to the nursery, donated by a swiss lady. The building itself is soon at the stage of roofing, and will have two class rooms and one office for the teachers. At Mama Barbara’s Nursery the flooring has been finished and the walls have been painted white inside, lightening up the rooms.

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fontesGifts Handed Over to Kindergarten

Kanungu Kindergartens

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In Kanungu we are currently supporting two kindergartens with infrastructure, pedagogical support and equipment. So far one building has been completed for 106 children, and a second building started. Davina’s Kindergarten in Oslo has given support for buildings, books, equipment, and instruments. The children in Norway have also given toys, clothes, pencils, books and papers to be sent to Kanungu. In the future we hope to gather enough funding to complete the second building and support the teachers training.

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fontesKanungu Kindergartens