Katunguru-Rubirizi School

Art Exchange Between Oslo Montessori School and Katunguru Primary School

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Since 2005, Fontes Foundation has been facilitating an exchange between Oslo Montessori School and Katunguru-Rubirizi Primary School, a village school situated close to Fontes’ very first water installation in Queen Elizabeth National Park, south-western Uganda. The students at Oslo Montessori School in Norway have regularly raised funds in order to provide their sister school in Uganda with safe water and school uniforms. The donated pens, books and footballs have been highly appreciated and, through the years, the older students of both schools have been writing letters to each other in English.
This autumn, the Montessori art teacher Lisa Pacini came up with the idea of exchanging art works between the two schools. The art works by a group of children at Oslo Montessori School was brought to Katunguru-Rubirizi, as well as the materials to produce similar pieces of art. During a recent field visit, the Norwegian art works were presented to a group of children at Katunguru Primary School and the the Katunguru pupils were shown how to handle paint and brush, something which was completely new for them. Then, the children were allowed to paint freely. They were getting totally absorbed by their art works, mixing colours and creating shapes on their canvasses. These children have hardly come across a piece of art before, except from the colourful materials of their mothers’ dresses. Indeed, one girl painted a pattern similar to the one on her own dress. Another source of inspiration was the Ugandan flag with its colourful horizontal stripes.

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fontesArt Exchange Between Oslo Montessori School and Katunguru Primary School

Fence for Tree Planting Project at Katunguru School

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In February 2010 a fence around the approximately 6000 trees was constructed. This was because they have experienced a lot of problems with buffaloes who scratch their horns against the trees and thereby destroying them. In addition the seedlings were destroyed, so it was difficult to raise new trees. The fence will not stop elephants, though, but the type of tree planted is not liked by elephants, and earlier the elephants have only come once or twice a year, and for those occasions the fence can be repaired again.

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fontesFence for Tree Planting Project at Katunguru School

Football Jerseys From Oslo Montessori School

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The students at Oslo Montessori Primary school have collected enough money to buy football jerseys for the school football team at the Katunguru Primary School. Now we hope to collect enough money in order for the girls to have jerseys for their net ball/ basket ball games as well.

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fontesFootball Jerseys From Oslo Montessori School

Donation for Tree Planting Project

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In December 2007, a german company named Brenner Idustrieholz- und Späne GmbH donated a substantial amount of funds for the treeplanting project at the Katunguru Primary School. The funds are going to be spent on tools and equipment, seedlings, as well as labor in order to increase the current number of trees from around 600 to something above 3000 (depending on the rainy season). Seen on the photo (left) are nursery beds where seedlings are produced.

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fontesDonation for Tree Planting Project

Tree Planting Project at School

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The tree planting project in Katunguru is progressing well. The intention of the tree planting project is to give the School and additional income from which they can but better materials and improve the conditions at the school. The tree planting project was initiated in March 2006, and the trees seen on the photo are one year old. Firewood is scarce in the area, and by the school producing this commodity they will not only improve the situation of the school, but also for the around lying villages.

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fontesTree Planting Project at School

Katunguru School Support

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Through intensive work by the teachers and students at the Oslo Montessori School and the donations of some private donors, the school has been able to improve its conditions considerably. Students now have uniforms, new books, music instruments, clean water, and a tree-planting project to secure future income. A shipment from Oslo will soon provide stationary, sweaters, rain-coats and footballs. We would like to be able to continue the support mainly with helping them to improve the classroom floors, the latrines, the teacher’s office, providing them with football shirts, and helping them to continue the tree-planting project. We have also started a sponsorship programme to give talented students the possibility to attend High School, and we are currently looking for a new support family.

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fontesKatunguru School Support

Katunguru School Support

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In addition to supporting the school directly, we have encouraged the school management to use the possibilities they have in Uganda. We urge them to pressure the local government and UWA in order to get the support they deserve. The teachers are also eager to create a proper income source for the school. The tree-planting project was welcomed by UWA (see above). Another great concern of the teachers is the drop-outs. They have many ideas of how to make education more attractive. The first priority was the uniforms. Uniforms make the school visible in the community and the children are proud of being part of the school. After several campaigns at the Oslo Montessori School, the entire Primary School is now dressed in uniforms. The next priority was school material and books. The Montessori school has also collected a great amount of those, and we were happy to hand over 45 books after an additional generous donation by Gri Eid Moland.
In Uganda, schools also emphasize other activities like games, sports and music. This is extremely important to motivate the children to stay at school. During the visit of Marius and Lucrezia in March, the donation of footballs made the whole grade of P6 and half of P5 come back to school. These students had dropped out last year. According to the latest reports, they are still in school studying. Beside the school choir, the teachers have a great wish to teach music. In March the Montessori School donated money to buy music instruments. We look forward to the first concert! The teachers dream of taking the students to a music festival, and we hope to be able to support this soon.

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fontesKatunguru School Support