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Two Girls Accepted in Fontes Foundation Scholarship Programme

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We are happy to announce that two girls stood out as the best candidates in this year’s selection of students for the Fontes Foundation Scholarship Programme. Justine and Zarika are both orphans and live with their guardians in Katunguru. They both showed good academic performance and good attitudes. The donor of Zarika is the same as the donor of Luke Byamukama, whereas the donor of Justine is an individual from Norway. They will join Kichwamba High School in February 2010.

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fontesTwo Girls Accepted in Fontes Foundation Scholarship Programme

Scholarship Student Finishes High School

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Luke has been supported through the Fontes Foundation scholarship programme since 2008. He is from the Katunguru village, and lost both parents. His guardian did not have money to send him to secondary school, so he kept changing schools until he dropped out and stayed for two years in the village. It was therefore a challenge to get back to studying when he went back to school in 2008. Luke has shown impressive determination and discipline with his studies, and he has now successfully graduated from A-level, which means the last two years of high school in Uganda. We would like to congratulate Luke on his graduation, and we would like to thank his donor from Switzerland for sponsoring him. Luke is now looking for a scholarship to study at Makerere University.

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fontesScholarship Student Finishes High School

HIV/Aids Testing of Scholarship Students

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The students that form part of the Fontes Foundation scholarship programme are growing up to become young adults and sexually active. The last years, Fontes Foundation has increasingly also supported the students with healthcare, since they are not able to benefit from education when their health is in a poor state. The question of HIV/Aids came up, and Fontes Foundation decided to test all students yearly. It was decided not to make this a criteria for selection in the scholarship programme, rather a way to make sure that the students receive the necessary medication in case infected. All students received counseling and were tested in April 2009, and all tested negative.

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fontesHIV/Aids Testing of Scholarship Students

First Girl Accepted in Scholarship Programme

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In December 2008, Harriet was selected as first girl to join the Fontes Foundation Scholarship programme. Her donor is a women’s club from Rena, Norway. She is going to join Kichwamba High School in 2009 in senior 2. An orphan, she lives with her grandmother and a number of other siblings in Katunguru village.

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fontesFirst Girl Accepted in Scholarship Programme

Two New Students Accepted in Scholarship Programme

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In December 2007, after passing through a transparent screening process by Katunguru Primary School, the Fontes Scholarship Coordinator and Fontes Foundation, Gideon Turyahabwe and Luke Byamukama were selected to join the scholarship programme from the start of 2008. They will join Ryeru Boys Camp in Bunyaruguru in senior 4 and 5 respectively. The donor of Gideon is a family in Norway, whereas the donor of Luke is an elderly lady in Switzerland. Both of the boys are orphans, and Luke spent more than two years without going to school because his guardians did not have the money to continue his education.

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fontesTwo New Students Accepted in Scholarship Programme

Scholarship Students

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The two former Katunguru Primary School students who have been approved a scholarship through the Fontes Scholarship Programme finished the first semester of 2007 with good grades. Paul (left) became number 6 out of 93 and Pascal was number 4 out of 93. We are also happy to see that they have applied their skills learned in school to improve the situation in their village Katunguru.

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fontesScholarship Students