Kazinga Water

Seminar in Katunguru

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On the 29th of March 2008, members of the water committees from Kazinga, Kisenyi and Katunguru in Bushenyi district, and Kiruruma in Kanungu district, were invited to a one-day seminar at Katunguru primary school. Committee members and technicians worked in groups and discussed roles and responsibilities, financial management and exchanged ideas about how to solve problems. Training is crucial for the management of the water systems, and also helps to motivate the committee members that work on a voluntary basis.

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fontesSeminar in Katunguru

Commissioning of the Kazinga Drinking Water Project

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On February 6th, the Kazinga Drinking Water Project, in the village of Kazinga, Katunguru Sub-County, Bushenyi District, Uganda, was officially commissioned. Guest of honor was the Local Council 5 chair person Ishanga Longino Ndyanabo, and the Member of Parliament of the area was also present. The project was officially opened, however it was empathized that all stakeholders which have been involved in the implementation of the project have to continue to support the project to ensure it’s sustainability. So far, between December 15th and February 13th, the Kazinga Drinking Water Project was produced and sold 483’800 liters of safe drinking water to the community, equivalent to 21’035 jerry cans.

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fontesCommissioning of the Kazinga Drinking Water Project

Safe Drinking Water in Kazinga

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Early December 2007 the villagers of Kazinga could start to enjoy safe drinking water which they can fetch from community tap stations located within the village. Until now, the villagers had to carry the water from the near-by channel. However, the water in the channel is highly contaminated by organic material, and since firewood is scarce in the area, only few could afford to cook the water before domestic consumption. A small purification unit, operated by the newly established water committee, now ensures safe water.

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fontesSafe Drinking Water in Kazinga