Kisenyi Water

Kisenyi Safe Water Project

Improved Settlement Tank in Kisenyi

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In January 2009 a permanent settlement tank was installed. The new tank has greater capacity which will simplify the treatment process, in addition to being more robust, especially against the curious baboons which created problems with the old tank. Because the soils in the area are very poor, care had to be taken when constructing the foundation for the tank and a thick concrete slab was constructed.

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fontesImproved Settlement Tank in Kisenyi

GSM Monitoring Pilot

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In late 2007, Fontes Foundation installed a pilot version of a GSM monitoring system in Kazinga and Kisenyi. The system works with GSM technology, and through a simple interface, the technicians and the treasurers in the villages enter data for income, expenses and quantities of water produced and sold. The information is sent to Norway by SMS, and received by server that processes the data. This makes it possible for the project coordinator to continuously follow the status of the projects, through an internet based

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fontesGSM Monitoring Pilot

Registration of CBOs

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In July 2008, Fontes Foundation facilitated the registration of the water committees of Katunguru, Kazinga and Kisenyi as Community Based Organisations (CBO). This is a legal status in Uganda, and the CBO has to have a constitution and be registered at the district. Together with the Community Development Officer (CDO) at Katunguru sub-county, each water committee wrote a constitution and went through the registration process. As a CBO the water committee can open a bank account, something that is crucial for sustainable financial management of the water project. The CBO also ensures that the water committee lives on as an entity even if the membership changes, and the roles and responsibilities of different members are outlined by the constitution. Fontes Foundation hopes that this can contribute to the sustainability of the water projects, and to strengthen their role in relationship to other actors such as the district and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

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fontesRegistration of CBOs

Seminar in Katunguru

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On the 29th of March 2008, members of the water committees from Kazinga, Kisenyi and Katunguru in Bushenyi district, and Kiruruma in Kanungu district, were invited to a one-day seminar at Katunguru primary school. Committee members and technicians worked in groups and discussed roles and responsibilities, financial management and exchanged ideas about how to solve problems. Training is crucial for the management of the water systems, and also helps to motivate the committee members that work on a voluntary basis.

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fontesSeminar in Katunguru