Commercial Kitchen

by Ryan Humbert on 19/12/2019 No comments

Lions Club, Aid in Meeting Norway (AiM) and Fontes Foundation have been able to achieve a lot within a short amount of time and with limited resources, with the construction of a new commercial kitchen at Fontes Youth Centre (FYC). The main aim of this project was to have a fully furnished kitchen to further facilitate the already existing Business Catering course, as well as to provide FYC with an opportunity to have a source of income through clients and students paying to use the kitchen for their activities.

The construction commenced in October and, as of December, the kitchen is being used on a daily basis. This December, a representative from AIM visited FYC, and was impressed to see how the current students have already started to put the kitchen to great use as they were completing their final practical exam.

While the kitchen was being constructed, job opportunities were also being created for graduates of the FYC Business catering courses. Former Business catering course graduates were given an opportunity to pitch as service providers for breakfast at Clarke International University (CIU) in Muyenga. The students made a sample breakfast with a variety of snacks for their prospective customers at Clarke International University (CIU), who were very happy with the products. The students have since signed an official contract to supply breakfast at CIU/Refactory every week day between 8 – 11am and are therefore now receiving a steady weekly income. These former students are now also using the Commercial Kitchen daily to prepare the breakfast for CIU.

The Commercial Kitchen is changing the experience of students as well as former students of the Fontes Youth Centre. Moreover, the Business catering course has started creating job opportunities for (former) students, thereby addressing the problem of youth unemployment in Uganda – one of the main goals of Fontes Foundation Uganda.

Thanks to both current and former students, the Commercial Kitchen has already enabled our very own staff to enjoy a great dinner during our annual Fontes Christmas party – we recommend it to everyone!

Thank You, Lions Club Aid In Meeting Norway.

Ryan HumbertCommercial Kitchen