Drinking Water for 3000 People

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Fontes Foundation is proud of expanding the project area across the Kazinga Channel to Katunguru, Kasese District. Between the 12th and 15th of September, a team of 7 employees and volunteers installed the latest water supply system in the area, funded by Lions Club Slemdal, Norway. Owing to a huge effort made by the community, safe water was available at the temporary tap station after only three and a half days of work. Two ten thousand litres storage tanks on top of a shipping container provide the community with fresh drinking water now.

On the last day of the implementation, the election and training of the water committee, which is in charge of running the water supply system, initiated the important follow-up phase. Fontes Foundation henceforth supports the village in making the system sustainable through multiple field trips.

fontesDrinking Water for 3000 People

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