Fontes Foundation believes that education is key for development. Educating the young generation not only in mathematics and English but also in entrepreneurship and vocational skills will have an important impact on future economic growth. Education requires a long-term commitment, but an educated population will be stronger against adversities and will be able to positively contribute to the country's development.

Scholarship Programme

One of the most rewarding projects of Fontes Foundation, our Scholarship Programme supports disadvantaged children throughout their secondary education thanks to the generous scholarship funding donated by individuals like yourself. Become a sponsor to give a child the means to build a better future!

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Fontes Foundation launches a new tech academy in Uganda in partnership with Clarke International University and Laboremus Uganda Ltd. to bring Uganda a program to develop software development skils tailored to make youth job-ready.

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Nursery and Primary Schools

Fontes Foundation supports three nursery schools and a primary school in rural areas of Western Uganda. A long-term exchange project has been active between the Katunguru Primary School and the Montessori Primary School in Oslo (Norway), giving the children new perspectives, joy and hope for the future.

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