Eye-opening Exchange Experiences

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Through the Fredskorpset (FK) exchange, I have spent six months in Rwanda, learning and generating ideas from the Amizero Training Centre (AMITH). This experience made me not only grow on a professional, but also on a personal level.

I quickly realized that the Rwandan people are more reserved as compared to Ugandans. Life is less busy, which I appreciated a lot. I was able to dedicate time to self-study, which turned out to have a lasting impact on my life and the things I value.¬†Learning from Rwanda’s history was an eye opener as well. It made me realize that despite all the bad things that may happen in the world, human beings have the potential to do good and change the destiny of their nation. Today, 22 years after the Genocide, Rwanda is thriving; its economy, infrastructure and government policies are strongly supported by their citizens.

Also on a professional level I have experienced various highlights. Since 99% of the staff was older than me, as opposed to my Ugandan staff, I needed to use a different motivational approach to ensure that my team worked favourably with me. Instead of targets and timelines it was mainly respect and appreciation that motivated the AMITH staff the most. During my first month, I underwent a training programme to manage the transition of AMITH from a Vocational Training Center to a Technical Secondary School. By being part of this process I got an in depth understanding on how emerging challenges need to be addressed to ensure a smooth transition. Being responsible for implementing a programme with one of the donor organizations was another highlight. I was able to understand the different aspects of monitoring and evaluation and the importance of effective data collection.

I feel that the FK exchange fulfilled my expectations and impacted me in a very positive way. I can now say that I am an evolving Surea, making a difference in the lives of those I meet because of the experiences I have had.

– written by Surea Njuki

fontesEye-opening Exchange Experiences

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