Fontes Cultural Troupe explores Uganda’s cultures in performance

by Rebecca Grattage on 03/10/2017 No comments

On 24.09.17, Fontes Cultural Troupe performed at the new Youth Centre site located near Ggaba Road in Bunga, Kampala with their event “Explore Uganda’s Cultures.” The event attracted a lot of visitors, all keen to see the variety of dances, singing, acrobatics and fire show that the Cultural Troupe had to offer.

Members of the audience watching the show

Since the launch of Fontes Foundation’s Youth Development Centre in 2012, we have been organising recreational activities open to the entire local community. With the founding of Fontes Cultural Troupe we sought to engage with the local community and learn more about the challenges people face.  Additionally, we aimed to extend our reach and spread the word about the education opportunities we offer.

An acrobatics performance

Fontes Cultural Troupe performs modern and traditional dances from many cultures in Uganda, with cultural music, mimes, drama, instrumental music, and fire performance.The Troupe uses a variety of instruments including drums, adungu, xylophone, shakers, panpipes and other percussion instruments and currently has 20+ members, aged between 8 and 35 years old.

One of the dance performances by Fontes Cultural Troupe

The Troupe activities allow a variety of people to come together and share the beauty of dance and music together.They perform at many events, including weddings, birthday parties, introduction ceremonies, general festivities, and more. 

Fontes Cultural Troupe dancing

Fontes Cultural Troupe’s “Explore Uganda’s Cultures” event did not disappoint, and left audience members gripped to their seats throughout the performance. The Troupe alternated between dance, song, acrobatics and fire performance to keep the show varied and fun.

Watching a member of the Troupe eat fire.

A concrete business plan is currently being compiled for Fontes Cultural Troupe to be self-sustainable. With the growing tourism industry in Uganda, it bears the potential of offering additional sources of income to the members.



Fontes Cultural Troupe dancing


Rebecca GrattageFontes Cultural Troupe explores Uganda’s cultures in performance