Fontes Cultural Troupe

by Ryan Humbert on 19/12/2019 No comments

Shortly after the creation of our youth centre in 2012, we created a Music Dance and Drama Team (MDD), also known as the Fontes Cultural Troupe, as well as our very own Fontes Football Club. The aim of both these activities was to engage with the local community, learn more about the challenges young people face in the communities, keep these young people away from drugs and crime, as well as to spread the word about the education opportunities Fontes has to offer. Allowing vulnerable young people to evolve in a group by dancing or playing football together has huge benefits; the solidarity, support and purpose which these activities provide to disadvantaged young people with limited opportunities is invaluable. Not only do they keep the young people from the street, but the youth groups also form a very strong bond with each other and their coaches.

This year, Fontes Cultural Troupe has increased its reach and some of the members have had international exposure by travelling to China and Vietnam. Sharing some of the deepest cultural roots of Uganda, the Troupe is now self-sustainable and earns money through its performances, which they use in order to improve their shows. They provide great entertainment, performing at different types of events, including weddings and graduation ceremonies. Recently, some of the Troupe’s dancers have volunteered to train several classes of Kansanga Parents Primary School, one of the poorest schools in the region, after which the children successfully performed several traditional dances at their first ever graduation ceremony.

Ryan HumbertFontes Cultural Troupe