Katunguru Village Water Supply

by fontes on 01/11/2006 No comments

After an intensive visit by Marius Koestler in September, a shallow well was dug in order to assure the safe intake of water. The plastic liners of the well were sponsored by Crestanks, a local company, in order to test their ability in practice. The well, with a depth of 4 metres, was completed with the collaboration of the community. In addition to this, a chemical research project was carried out in order to improve the quality of the water. The water in the Kazinga channel has many features that make it difficult to obtain clear, clean water with a good taste. The project was a great success, and we are already seeing the positive impacts of the improved water quality. In addition to this, the long-awaited water extension to the school was completed. Pipes were laid from the tank site to a new tap-station at the school 250 meters away, and pupils and teachers now profit from clean water every day. The biggest task we see for the water project is supporting the water committee with the administration of the system, something that is very important to achieve sustainability.

fontesKatunguru Village Water Supply