Launch of the Job Placement Programme

by fontes on 03/02/2017 No comments

To ensure greater employment opportunities for the Potentiam Youth Centres’ graduates, Fontes Foundation is excited to announce that last week it launched a Job Placement Programme. While the centre equips and trains the students with the necessary skills for employment or starting their own businesses, it is evident that the students require post-graduation support to assist them with the transition from the class room to the job market. The new programme aims to provide this continued support for the graduates, by offering work experience opportunities and connecting employers with graduates. In addition, the programme will provide continued financial advice, support and start-up credit opportunities for those graduates starting their own businesses.

The programme will be led by Gary Agaba, who is also the youth centre’s personal development facilitator. The programme is already off to a successful start with 3 job placements and 2 internship positions found for five of the centre’s graduates.

fontesLaunch of the Job Placement Programme