Meet Julienne Uwanziga – Our FK Participant from Rwanda

by Apiyo Oweka-Laboke on 09/12/2015 No comments

Julienne, what are you most excited about regarding the Fredskorpset exchange?
I am excited about meeting different people, getting experience and also sharing some of the good practices from my country.

How will this experience benefit your professional career?
I am already quite impressed by the standards and ethics at Fontes Foundation especially the accountability practices that I have learnt in the last couple of days. Also the professionalism demonstrated by the staff at Fontes has inspired me, I am now more confident and also enjoying working in a multi-cultural environment. I would also add that I am getting more exposure and all this will be of great benefit to my career.

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of this exchange? What do you want to be remembered for after your exchange period comes to an end?Portrait Julienne
I was informed that one of the centre’s main challenges was student mobilization, which is something we have managed to do quite well in Rwanda. So this is an area I hope to improve upon by sharing ideas on how to better mobilize. I also hope to build networks between the Potentiam Youth Centre and other organizations in Rwanda to share best practices.

Anything strange that you have noticed in Uganda that doesn’t happen in Rwanda?
The traffic in Uganda is crazy, the way people drive, the jams every evening. There are so many cars in Uganda and the other day I saw a man in civilian clothes who did not look like a traffic policeman and he was directing traffic. That would never happen in Rwanda. One thing I love about Uganda is that there are so many restaurants and eating places with delicious food, unlike in Rwanda. And I really like Ugandan food.

Apiyo Oweka-LabokeMeet Julienne Uwanziga – Our FK Participant from Rwanda

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