Mr. Leone Andrews From Washington D.C. Visits the Youth Centre

by fontes on 22/08/2014 No comments

Today the Potentiam Youth Development Centre hosted Mr. Leone Andrews, a senior fellow at the National League of Cities (NCL) Institute for Youth, Education, and Families. Mr. Andrews is based in Washington D.C. and was visiting Uganda for one week through a collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Uganda. An expert and experienced practitioner in matters of youth policy and youth encouragement, we were proud to host Mr. Andrews for a Capacity Building session. Talking about leadership, Mr. Andrew’s inspirational message to our students was that each of them had the capabilities to be a great leader if they have the courage to take on responsibility, the skills to be self-reflective and the power to build other leaders around them. Dispersing the notion that only grand politicians or powerful businessmen are leaders, Mr. Andrew’s encouraged the students to recognize their potential to change things and be a leader right now. “If you believe beyond yourself you will be great”.

fontesMr. Leone Andrews From Washington D.C. Visits the Youth Centre