Personal Branding at Potentiam Youth Center with PPG

by fontes on 06/05/2014 No comments

Larry Holm and Edmund of PPG (People Performance Group), were at Potentiam Youth center on May 6th, to talk to the youth about Personal Branding and its importance.

The students were asked to live their lives by starting at the end of it. They needed to look at their funerals and what they would like people to remember about them once they were gone. With this in mind, it would be easier for them to have a personal brand that was most appealing to them.

Larry also urged the students to learn how to prioritize their life’s activities, get to know themselves better, and always keep a high standard in whatever they do. They needed to start taking full responsibility for what happened in their lives going forward.

Finally, students were urged to not stop dreaming and to act on their dreams despite what other people in society think, because these dreams are theirs and not society’s. The students need to take advantage of all the opportunities life is giving and truly build a brand or legacy that is worthwhile.


fontesPersonal Branding at Potentiam Youth Center with PPG