Potentiam Youth Center Visits GLAD Farm in Kapeka Nakaseke

by fontes on 12/09/2013 No comments

Potentiam Youth Center had an amazing trip to GLAD farm in Kapeka – Nakaseke.

The trip to GLAD farm was part of the youth canter’s effort to have the students learn about different forms of running business as part of their Business course. Farming being one of the biggest income generators in Uganda, GLAD farm, a commercial farm project was a perfect fit for the trip and case study.

GLAD farm is a commercial farm specializing in growing and selling of maize grain. The Farm is on a total of 400 acres and produces a total of about 600 Tonnes of maize per season. The farm is Run by Bent Ronsen, a Norwegian who retired a few years back. Bent has done a great job and hires his staff based on character and integrity from the local community around Kapeka.

This combination of farming and empowering Ugandans by rewarding their good character, hard work and life values made the learning experience an amazing one.

fontesPotentiam Youth Center Visits GLAD Farm in Kapeka Nakaseke