Session in Personal Branding at Potentiam Youth Centre

by Michael Pletscher on 13/05/2015 No comments

Once every semester, Mr. Larry Holm from People Performance Group pays the Core Course students at Potentiam Youth Development Centre a visit to hold an inspiring session on Personal Branding.

This May, the session focused on how personal goals and definitions of success vary between different people. Mr. Holm encouraged the students to think about what success means to each one of them as individuals. Once they have established this, each student is one step closer to realising their own personal brand.

To visualise his point, Mr. Holm shared his own experience from when he left Denmark for Uganda and started his own business here. For him, having a personal brand helped him in the start up phase of his business, because it made the business stand out. Ultimately, the personal brand has assisted him in achieving his goals – both personally and professionally.


Michael PletscherSession in Personal Branding at Potentiam Youth Centre