Single Mothers Programme is Increasingly Successful

by Michael Pletscher on 22/09/2014 No comments

Single Mother 2 The Single Mothers Programme is Fontes Foundation Uganda’s newest addition to the Potentiam Youth Development Centre. The Programme was started in June to address the challenges that single mothers in the Muyenga – Bukasa area face because of their parenting circumstances.

The Programme allows the women to learn at least one skill per month without leaving their child home.Thanks to the recently set-up children’s corner at the Youth Center premises, the women are able to bring their children with them as they take part in the learning activities.

Single Mother 3

The workshops are aimed at giving the young women a marketable skill from which they can learn to support their families. In addition, the program has the purpose of informing the young mothers of the various services and opportunities at Potentiam Youth Development Center to develop and be empowered.

Michael PletscherSingle Mothers Programme is Increasingly Successful