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Solar Panels installed in Kisenyi

by fontes on 01/09/2009 No comments

As a result of a collaboration between Uganda Wildlife Authority, Scan Water AS, NAPS, Rotary Eiksmarka, and Fontes Foundation, an array of solar panels were installed in Kisenyi, south western Uganda, in August 2009. The solar panels provide electricity to the pumps which were earlier powered by a diesel generator. This leads to lower cost in form of reduced fuel expenditures and reduces the wear of the generator. Although protecting the panels against hippos, elephants and thieves is a challenge, we believe this will substantially improve the sustainability of the project.

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fontesSolar Panels installed in Kisenyi

Water Delivered in Quissanga, Mozambique

by fontes on 01/01/2009 No comments

In January 2009 the first phase of the implementation in Quissanga was finished. Two wells were rehabilitated, more than 4,5 km of pipes were laid into the ground, two 20’000 liter reservoirs were erected, and two tap stands were put up. The water is pumped from the wells to the reservoirs, and from there distributed to the tap stations by gravity.
Download a short video (5 minutes) about the implementation here, or watch it using YouTube below:

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fontesWater Delivered in Quissanga, Mozambique