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Scholarship Student Finishes High School

by fontes on 02/12/2009 No comments

Luke has been supported through the Fontes Foundation scholarship programme since 2008. He is from the Katunguru village, and lost both parents. His guardian did not have money to send him to secondary school, so he kept changing schools until he dropped out and stayed for two years in the village. It was therefore a challenge to get back to studying when he went back to school in 2008. Luke has shown impressive determination and discipline with his studies, and he has now successfully graduated from A-level, which means the last two years of high school in Uganda. We would like to congratulate Luke on his graduation, and we would like to thank his donor from Switzerland for sponsoring him. Luke is now looking for a scholarship to study at Makerere University.

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fontesScholarship Student Finishes High School

Water Supply for Kashaka

by fontes on 25/11/2009 No comments

After a generous donation from the Lions Club Nesøya and Balder Foundation (Norway), a water treatment system will be installed in Kashaka, Western Uganda by Fontes Foundation in early 2010. An assessment visit was carried out by Fontes Foundation on the 25th of November 2009. During this visit, the community was informed about the new system, about the installation plans, and about how the system will be run and managed in future. In addition they were able to ask questions and put forward their concerns. In addition, technical data were collected, and water samples taken and tested. It was decided to draw water from the bay on the back of the peninsula, since the water quality is better and there is less risk for contamination. This will decrease operation and maintenance costs in future. Two sites for tap stands were located in the village as well. The whole process was carried out in close collaboration with Sub-County leaders, local leaders and a team from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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fontesWater Supply for Kashaka

Start of Second Implementation Phase in Quissanga

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In November 2009 the second implementation phase started in Quissanga, where Fontes Foundation installed a water supply scheme funded by the Norwegian oil company Statoil in early 2009. The second implementation phase will first include the construction of four permanent public tap stands, and later the rehabilitation of the colonial water tower that will make it possible to distribute water to the administrative buildings and the population located around them. The construction of all structures is done by a group of artisans from Quissanga district, who registered in a group called “Association of the United Brothers of Quissanga” (Associação Irmãos Unidos de Quissanga), supervised by Fontes Foundation local staff and local government officials.

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fontesStart of Second Implementation Phase in Quissanga