Testimonials from Previous Interns

by Hellen Griberg on 04/12/2017 1 comment

Samuel Kueng, FFU Intern Spring 2017 

During my internship at Fontes Foundation, I was granted the opportunity to take on different tasks in a challenging environment, collecting valuable professional experience. I highly appreciated the combination of desk work and practical tasks. My duties included compiling marketing material, conducting research and writing funding proposals, but also working on various projects at the Fontes Youth Development Centre and field work in several fishing villages at Queen Elizabeth National Park. My personal highlight was the organization of the first Career Day at Fontes Foundation for the students of the Youth Centre, as well as other partner organizations. After overcoming many challenges and exercising patience, it was deeply rewarding to see our sharply dressed students network with employers from various sectors, listen to inspiring keynote speeches, and present their startup projects. My experience in the charming city of Kampala was rounded up by meeting a broad range of professionals engaged in diplomacy and development. Interacting with people working for the United Nations, European Union or GIZ gave me great insights into prospective future professional fields.

Samuel Kueng, FFU Spring Intern

Rebecca Grattage, FFU Summer 2017

I really enjoyed my internship at Fontes Foundation. The work was often challenging, and I enjoyed learning more about youth employment and safe water implementation projects in Uganda. The tasks were varied and interesting. My primary role was to look for funding opportunities and writing funding proposals, attending events at the Fontes Youth Centre and writing blog posts for the Fontes Foundation website and social media pages, in addition to following up with Job Placement Programme (JPP) students and varied tasks. The primary challenge I faced as an intern was probably managing to schedule meetings with some of the JPP students, as they didn’t always keep their phones switched on! However, one of the most rewarding parts of the internship was indeed meeting with these students to hear their personal stories – successes, failures, hopes, and dreams. Some of the stories I heard were truly inspirational and will stay with me as I continue to learn and  grow as an individual. I am extremely grateful to Fontes Foundation for allowing me to be a part of the team. I hope the organisation continues to grow and help make positive changes in Uganda and beyond!

Rebecca Grattage, FFU Summer Intern







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