The Social Innovation Academy Visits the Youth Centre

by fontes on 26/05/2014 No comments

Etienne Salborn and Philipp Maentele from Social Innovation Academy (SINA) Kampala visited Potentiam Youth Centre during the Capacity Building session on Thursday last week. SINA is a hub for marginalized youths to enhance and realise their business plans. The academy opens next month and Etienne and Philipp presented one of SINAs innovative projects: the ‘upcycling plastic bottle construction’, where houses are constructed using empty plastic bottles filled with compacted sand which are used as bricks. These are cheap, earthquake resistant and do buffer heat. In addition, Etienne and Philipp had the Potentiam students experiment with fun and challenging group exercises to test different kinds of leadership structures and their efficiencies.


fontesThe Social Innovation Academy Visits the Youth Centre