Update on Fontes Football Club

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We are happy to announce that Fontes Football Club is now officially registered in the Ugandan Football Association FUFA, playing in the second division of Bukasa. Football is one of our key tools in bonding with disadvantaged youth in Kampala. It gives us the chance to learn more about young people’s lives, understand their needs, and spread the word about educational opportunities at Potentiam Youth Development Centre.

Former Ugandan national player and Fontes Football Team Coach Viali Bainomugisha is proud to have built a strong relationship with his players. The team has proven to support the players in various ways, some of them unforeseen. Not only did a number the players opt to study Business, ICT and Englisha at Potentiam Youth Development Centre. Coach Viali managed to link the most talented players to clubs in higher leagues, some of them playing on a semi-pro level at this point. Additionally, Viali successfully arranged sports scholarships for a couple of players, enabling them to finish their high school education. The schools suspended their tuition fees, so the players would play for their school teams.

Coach Viali giving technical instructions after practice

fontesUpdate on Fontes Football Club