Visions of a Better Future

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In December 2014, Laboremus software company paid the students at Potentiam Youth Development Centre a visit to enhance their ICT knowledge and to inspire them to look above and beyond.

(Caption above: Laboremus’ Jesca Nakayondo holds an inspiring presentation to the students. Jesca graduated from the Youth Centre herself in May 2013.)

Laboremus is a Norwegian software company with a close relationship to Fontes Foundation. It would have been hard for the company to establish in Uganda without Fontes’ local expertise, and currently several members of the Koestler family work for Laboremus. In return, Laboremus supports Fontes in several ways as a part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy. They share office space in Kampala, and last autumn Laboremus developed Fontes’ new web page.

In December 2014, Laboremus Uganda facilitated an ICT career event at Potentiam Youth Centre. Laboremus staff talked about their jobs and why software development inspires them. After the presentations the students participated in group activities where they worked towards understanding the most important elements of a web page.

One of the highlights of the day was the presentation by Jesca Nakayondo, Administrative Assistant at Laboremus. Jesca graduated from the Youth Centre (the Core Course in Applied Business Skills) in May 2013, and has shown great skills working for Laboremus ever since. “It was nice going back and speaking to the youth, telling them that they can make a difference in their lives if they are determined and focused to make a better future. All they have to do is to maintain a positive mindset in whatever they do: positive thinking is the starting capital”, Jesca shares.

At the end of the event, some of the students presented what they had learned throughout the day. Among others, Mariam Nafula (18) talked about the importance of having key information easily accessible on a web page, while Farouk Ntambi (24) discussed the potential challenges of allowing users to leave comments about your products.

The event reflected the professional relationship, as well as the friendship, between Laboremus and Fontes Foundation. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and participated at the event!

Kristin FjalestadVisions of a Better Future

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