Water Resources Mapping and Hydrogeological Survey in Quissanga

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In January 2010, a detailed survey was carried out in Quissanga by the two hydro geologists Andread G. Koestler and Joseph Allen. The objective of the survey was to better understand the island-aquifer currently supplying the locality of Quissanga, with over 5000 people. Availability of sustainable fresh water sources in the coastal areas of northern Mozambique is extremely limited, and this island-aquifer periodically surrounded by sea water is the only source within more than 18kms from the district centre, a small town experiencing rapid growth. Increased quantities of water would drastically improve the prospective economic development in Quissanga, especially fish conservation and ice-production. A second objective of the study was to design a technology that will be able to extract the fresh water lying on top of the salt water aquifer, such as large-diameter shallow wells with horizontal collection pipes.

fontesWater Resources Mapping and Hydrogeological Survey in Quissanga

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